Sign the petition: Demand news networks stop giving Trump a free pass

TV news networks are giving Trump a pass on his extremist, hateful rhetoric.

Donald Trump is repeatedly gifted primetime news and front page print coverage, but the media is prioritizing reality show-type sensationalism over debunking his lies, denouncing his vitriol, or even simply acknowledging his authoritarian extremism.

Trump has recently “vowed to implement ‘ideological screening’ for migrants, saying he’d turn away anyone who doesn’t like ‘our religion’; accused ‘liberal Jews’ of voting ‘to destroy America & Israel’; claimed migrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country’; and complimented the terrorist group Hezbollah as ‘very smart'”. Yet, major TV news networks gave barely any coverage calling out his hateful statements.

We cannot be desensitized to Trump’s dangerous hate speech. We must call it for what it is and NOT ignore it as another Trump-ism.

The coverage of TV news networks does not capture the danger posed by a wannabe-authoritarian and hate-filled attention seeker. Ignoring his hate speech is validating his rhetoric. Trump is a direct danger to American democracy and should be covered as such in the media.

Sign the petition to major TV news networks: Call Trump out for his hateful rhetoric – stop giving him a pass.

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