Sign the petition: Demand the Koch network stop funding junk science to spread doubt about climate change

While Koch Industries rakes in profits from fossil fuels, the Koch network uses its wealth and influence within universities and pseudo-scientific organizations to produce and promote junk science that spreads doubt about the climate crisis.

"Koch funding of university programs has roughly quadrupled in the past decade, to $60 million annually, and the family now helps fund more than 50 university centers."

Junk science that isn’t legitimately peer-reviewed is used to influence legislation and emboldens climate deniers to mislead the public into denying the impacts of human contributions to the climate crisis.

For instance, the Koch funded CO2 Commission, a pro fossil fuel front-group, testified in front of congress, spreading climate denial, and sowing doubt about the scientific consensus that human activity is leading to mass extinctions.

We must demand an end to Koch Industries’ funding of junk science.

Sign this petition to demand that the Koch network stop funding junk science for its own profits.

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