Sign the petition: Denounce DeSantis & Florida Republicans

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to be president in 2024 and has done all he can to inherit, capitalize on, and politicize Donald Trump’s platform. He is viewed as a more palatable Donald Trump, when in fact, DeSantis simply used Trump as a stepping stone to catapult his authoritarian, far right-wing agenda.

Unfortunately, it’s the people of Florida who suffer for his White House ambitions. In the 2021-2022 legislative session alone, Gov. DeSantis and the legislature have passed:

  • Heavy continuous assaults on the first amendment starting with the “Stop WOKE Act,” (HB7), which puts strict limitations on topics employers can discuss during diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings.

  • Another dangerous first amendment attack that bans classroom instruction on gender and sexuality with the “Don’t Gay” bill (HB 1557). And recently, the legislature introduced three bills to expand the “Don’t Say Gay” law that would ban discussion of gender and sexual orientation until grade eight. The expansion of this bill is so draconian that it even prevents girls from talking about their periods in school.  

  • Retaliation against Disney–-a private business–-for daring to oppose his policies (HB 9-B). As New York Magazine noted, “Corporations that publicly question the party’s preferred policy, or withhold donations in protest, will be subject to discriminatory policy.”

  • An immigration bill (SB1808) that bans state agencies from working with companies that transport undocumented immigrants to Florida. The law would harm companies that transport migrant children to a close relative or guardian for the federal government while the children await asylum hearings.

  • Assaults on voting rights, including SB 90 which bans voter drop boxes and sets up new roadblocks to voting by mail. (Ironically, some Florida Republicans now worry it may unintentionally disenfranchise seniors who are a major part of their voter base.)

  • An authoritarian crackdown on protests (SB 484), which severely infringes on First Amendment rights—and gives motorists legal protection if they mow down protesters;

  • A bill that allows the government to dictate how private companies police their social media platforms after Twitter and Facebook rightfully banned Donald Trump;

  • A bill that bans transgender girls from participating in high school sports;

And the Florida GOP continues to plan and advance draconian legislation. They’ve recently advanced bills that target everything from diversity rights, immigration, gun rights, and freedom of the press--a platform The Guardian dubbed “free to do as you are told.” They’ve even pitched a bill to eliminate the Florida Democratic party.

Instead of addressing real problems like the lack of teachers leading to overcrowding, underfunded schools, lunches for children, health care, and more, Ron DeSantis is attempting to turn Florida into an authoritarian state. We must clearly and loudly reject his extremist right-wing agenda.

Sign the petition: Denounce Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans for pushing an extreme right-wing ideological agenda to a new & frightening level.

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