Sign the petition: Instead of investing in war and policing, let’s invest in our communities’ needs

In recent weeks, U.S. police have assaulted people who’ve been nonviolently protesting for a ceasefire and against the militarized police training facility known as Cop City.

Public officials have tried to label these protesters as terrorists for speaking up to end violence.

These attempts to criminalize and suppress dissent are dangerous attacks on our First Amendment right to protest. And many attacks are coming from police departments that have long collaborated with Israeli police and military.

Thousands of U.S. police officers have collaborated and trained with Israeli forces—along with agents from ICE, the FBI, and U.S. border patrol.

Jewish Voice for Peace, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and others have denounced these “deadly exchanges,” where American and Israeli agents of state violence train each other to subjugate marginalized communities, surveil grassroots movements, and silence people who are speaking up for their rights.

As Jewish Voice for Peace said in a report about these deadly exchanges:

“We’re working towards a world in which ‘safety’ is not created for some through violence against others, one in which all people can experience true security and freedom.”

Our movements for justice and liberation are intertwined, at home and abroad.

Please sign if you agree: Instead of continuing to increase police budgets or the Pentagon budget, we need to invest in our communities. That includes funding quality health services, public education, stable and affordable housing, clean water, nutritious food, childcare, and bold climate action.