Sign the petition: Investigate Gov. Abbott’s human rights abuses immediately

Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues his despicable political stunt using human beings as pawns: Abbott is putting thousands of migrants, asylum-seekers, on buses and planes to D.C., Chicago, Denver, New York, Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles, Sacramento… the list goes on.

The latest human rights abuse is astounding: On New Year's Eve, Greg Abbott flew hundreds of migrants to snowy, cold Chicago–many had no coats, others were wearing flip-flops. This comes on the heels of Abbott shamelessly bragging he transported 95,000 migrants to “Democrat run-cities and states” and vehemently vowing to continue.

Previously, Abbott directed a group of migrants from Texas by bus to Los Angeles as the city braced for Tropical Storm Hilary. The bus departed as city officials warned Angelenos to brace for the peak impact of the storm, putting migrants directly into the path of a major storm.

Asylum is a legal right, but it is also a basic human right, founded on the right to human dignity. Abbott is abusing people seeking asylum for publicity.

He claims he is transporting migrants to "sanctuary cities'' as punishment for the cities' permissive policies. What he is actually doing is exploiting vulnerable people for political points, ignoring human rights and making the ordeal as traumatic as possible. The overwhelming majority of people being used as political stunts by Abbott are in the United States legally.

Abbott cannot continue his human rights abuses without any accountability. The Department of Justice must immediately investigate Greg Abbott.

Sign the petition: Demand the Department of Justice investigate Gov. Abbott’s human rights abuses.

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