Sign the petition: Keep PragerU out of our schools!

Recent partnerships between PragerU and educational departments in Florida and Oklahoma areraising serious concerns about the integrity of educational content in our schools. PragerU is a conservative online media company that offers biased and often deceptive"educational" content.

PragerU's content is outright propaganda. PragerU founder, Dennis Prager openly admitted that their material is designed for indoctrination. Such content has no place in our educational system, which should aim for unbiased, factual information.

The introduction of PragerU materials in schools is a national concern, not just local. Parents and educators must be aware of the skewed perspectives these materials offer, often masked as "alternative viewpoints."

We believe in an education system that provides a balanced view of the world, allowing students to form their own opinions. PragerU's one-sided content undermines this principle and threatens the quality of our education.

Our children deserve an education that equips them with the tools to think critically and independently. Let's ensure that our schools remain a place for unbiased learning, not a platform for propaganda.

Sign the petition: Keep PragerU out of our schools!

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