Sign the petition: No more corruption! Enact ethics standards for the Supreme Court

Every federal judge in this country–except the nine justices of the Supreme Court–are bound by a code of ethics that prevents blatant conflicts of interest.

Without a code of ethics or accountability, Justice Clarence Thomas has been able to accept undisclosed luxury yacht trips, private jet travel, and resort vacations FOR YEARS from multiple billionaire megadonors. Clarence Thomas knowingly and repeatedly refuses to disclose these and other gifts–and that failure to do so is illegal. Many of these gifts were from people and companies that had or have cases before the court. That is what one calls MAJOR conflicts of interest.

Thomas isn’t the only justice with major ethical concerns:

  • Justice Samuel Alito accepted undisclosed lavish gifts from a conservative billionaire. That same billionaire then had business before the court–Alito did not recuse himself.

  • Justice Neil Gorsuch just happened to sell off property right after his SCOTUS confirmation to a law firm with business in front of the court–Gorsuch did not recuse himself.

  • Justice Amy Coney Barrett received millions of dollars in support of her SCOTUS confirmation from a dark money group with business before the court–Coney Barrett did not recuse herself.

  • Justice Brett Kavanaugh started off his SCOTUS run with 83 ethics complaints, not to mention sexual assault allegations.

  • Chief Justice John Roberts, the leader of the pack, also has conflicts-of-interest stemming from his spouse, Jane, who earned millions of dollars recruiting lawyers for firms who have business before the Supreme Court–Roberts did not recuse himself from those cases.

The American people's confidence in our democracy itself was already shaken by this court’s political rulings that consistently go against the will of the people–striking down Roe, gutting voting rights protections, overturning common-sense state and local gun regulations, and attacking federal efforts to combat climate change.

Corrupt actions by sitting justices only serves to further erode the court’s integrity and the public’s trust in that court. Supreme Court justices must be held to account for flouting the ethical rules that apply to every other judge in the country.

We must restore transparency and accountability in the U.S. Supreme Court. We are calling on Congress to ensure that by passing the Supreme Court Ethics Act and the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act.

Sign the petition to Congress: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act and the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act.

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