Sign the petition: No more hungry kids! Support the Universal School Meals Program Act

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1 in 6 children — or 13 million children — face food insecurity.

Children who lack access to healthy food options have a more difficult time learning. Kids who are hungry or not well nourished are more likely to have trouble focusing, exhibit behavioral problems, and struggle academically.

For students of color, low-income students, and students with disabilities, going hungry compounds the challenges that they already face. For students who live in neighborhoods where access to fresh, nutritious food is limited, the issue is compounded: 21.2 percent of black households and 16.2 percent of Hispanic households are food insecure. This a racial equity issue.

A bill to establish a Universal School Meals Program has been introduced in Congress — a move that could improve school attendance and affect student health. The Universal School Meals Program Act can make school meals free to all schoolchildren. This legislation will also address lunch debt, increase funding for school meals, and improving summer and after school feeding programs.

The Universal School Meals Program Act will make breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks free for every public and nonprofit private school student, regardless of family or community income, improving student academia and ending school lunch shaming, among additional benefits directly to the schools.

Every student deserves access to healthy food every day.

Sign the petition: Support the Universal School Meals Program Act and ensure our children do not go hungry.

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