Sign the petition: Oppose permitless carry of weapons

No permit, no safety training, and no background check: that’s what’s needed to carry a loaded gun in over half the country–nothing!

Florida has now become the 26th state to allow adults to carry handguns without a permit or license. Meanwhile, states that allow permitless carry continually see increases violence and death. Research has shown that weakening public carry laws is associated with a 13-15% increase in violent crime rates, and an 11% increase in rates of homicides committed with handguns.

This is not a protected right, this is a deadly epidemic. There is nothing in the Constitution requiring unvetted, potentially dangerous, and untrained people be allowed to carry a gun in public.

If it takes a permit and training to drive a car, it should take a permit and training to to carry a gun. That's common sense, and even most gun owners would agree.

But the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a powerful lobby that represents gun manufacturers (not gun owners), and pays many, many politicians to oppose any gun control restrictions whatsoever. Our elected officials work for NRA blood money, not for the voters who gave them their positions of power.


We cannot continue to make owning deadly weapons easier. We continue to suffer through a direct correlation between increased violence and mass shootings and decreased boundaries to gun access. STOP! Join us and demand our elected officials oppose permitless carry of weapons!

Sign the petition: Oppose permitless carry of weapons.

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