Sign the petition: Investigate and prosecute Trump and his network for lawbreaking.

Sign the petition to Attorney General-designate Merrick Garland:
Trump and his criminal network of associates must be investigated and prosecuted for lawbreaking. Nobody is above the law, including presidents. There must be accountability.

Volumes of evidence suggest that Donald Trump obstructed justice, committed bribery, conspired to defraud the United States, violated campaign finance laws, violated the Hatch Act, and incited a violent insurrection against the United States while he was president of the United States and during his campaign.

The Washington Post reports: "Family members and associates of Trump are suspected of committing perjury, or lying under oath." The New York Times reports that "Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act on more than 60 occasions." This is the tip of the iceberg.

They all must be brought to justice. No accountability means normalization of law breaking.