Sign the petition: Republicans are attacking Black History education. We MUST stop their racist agenda

Efforts in multiple states across the country are currently underway to eliminate Black history from our children’s education. Republican lawmakers are pushing to ban “critical race theory” in K-12 schools in a giant effort to create a culture war and distract from the progress we are making under President Biden.

Educators have been creating lessons about racism as a wide systemic failure. These latest attacks function for Republicans are attempts to actively ban not only any talk of race and racism, but bury the truth of structural racism and call that “truth” the REAL racism.

Make no mistake, this is Trump’s racist agenda continuing to affect our nation through his GOP puppets, and these state legislators have been bolstered by our national leaders -- Mitch McConnell and 38 Republicans have decried the prospect of white students having to learn actual facts about slavery. This is PURE dog whistling.

If we can’t think critically about U.S. history and U.S. laws and structures of power, we can never move forward. That’s what this push against “critical race theory” is all about.

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Tennessee, and Texas have already passed legislation preventing schools from teaching critical race theory, and Idaho and Florida are all currently working towards the same.

We MUST denounce these efforts and support Black History education in ALL of our schools.

The Biden administration wants a grant program for history and civics education to prioritize instruction that accounts for bias, discriminatory policies in America, and the value of diverse student perspectives -- President Biden’s program would expand Black History education in our schools. Of course, Republicans are immediately pushing back.

Continuing to allow Republican’s racist education legislation to pass jeopardizes our education system, harms Black Americans, and takes the states backwards from the racial justice progress that has been made in recent decades. In order for us to move forward as an equitable and just society, we must have an education system which acknowledges and reckons with the atrocities of our past.

Sign the petition: Support Black History education in our K-12 schools and denounce the racist attacks by Republican leaders.

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