Sign the petition: Ron DeSantis cannot rewrite Black history

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans are out of control. The new Black history standards approved by the Florida State Board of Education include revisionist and offensive language suggesting that some Black people benefited from slavery because it "taught them useful skills."

This gross misrepresentation of the historical reality of slavery is not only factually incorrect but also deeply harmful.

The new standards also include language that paints Black people as perpetrators of violence during race massacres. This skewed portrayal of historical events distorts the truth and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. It's a clear attempt to rewrite history and downplay the systemic racism and violence that Black people have faced and continue to face in the United States.

In a failed attempt to defend its new Black history standards, theFlorida Board of Education has only further highlighted the problematic nature of its approach. Despite the backlash, the Board continues to stand by its revised curriculum, demonstrating a concerning disregard for the truth of our nation's history and the importance of accurately educating our youth.

The Florida Education Association, a statewide teachers' union, has called the new standards "a disservice to Florida's students and a big step backward." We agree. Our students deserve a comprehensive and accurate education that equips them with a complete understanding of our nation's history, including the brutal realities of slavery and the systemic racism that has shaped our society.

Our children's education is vital. It shapes their understanding of the world and their place in it. We must protect it from those who would seek to distort it with their own political agendas.

Sign the petition: Ron DeSantis cannot rewrite Black history.

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