Sign the petition: Say no to a national 30% sales tax.

The GOP has proposed a radical plan to remake the tax code. Their plan abolished the IRS and replaces every federal tax with a national 30 percent sales tax on everything we buy, from groceries to cars, homes, and healthcare. Their regressive plan shifts the tax burden from wealthy incomes to the middle and lower class by raising prices on the goods we buy when inflation is already high.

Republicans are pushing this plan because Kevin McCarthy made concessions to the most extreme members of his caucus, promising to give the proposal a hearing in the Ways and Means Committee to gain the speakership. A performative power grab that only serves to further the widening wealth gap in the U.S.

The plan would provide "probates," monthly cash payments from the Social Security Administration for the people with the lowest income--but that would only increase the burden on an already underfunded social program and create an even bigger welfare system. Meanwhile, middle-income people have to foot the bill, paying more in taxes.

This is a plan that is designed not only to benefit the wealthy instead of the working class but also to further Kevin McCarthy's hold on power. It's out of touch, and Congress cannot support it.

Sign the petition: Say no to a national 30% sales tax.

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