Sign the petition: Sen. Lindsey Graham must immediately resign!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris clearly, legally, and decisively won the 2020 election. Yet, Trump continues to block the transition, refuses to concede, and make baseless claims of electoral fraud.

One way he is able to continue barking out completely false statements is due to the continued support from prominent members of his party, including senators like Lindsey Graham.

What’s worse, Sen. Graham is taking an active role in Trump's futile attempts to overturn the election. Georgia's Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, revealed that Graham contacted Raffensberger and implied that he should attempt to discard some ballots in order to swing the state back into Trump's column.

Graham has of course denied these allegations, but a member of Raffensberger's staff has stepped forward to corroborate them. Graham then tried to make himself look better by saying he reached out to the Secretaries of State of Arizona and Nevada to hold similar conversations. However, Nevada Secretary of State Katie Hobbs then stated she had not spoken with Sen. Graham.

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s blatant efforts to wreck our democratic process in the name of Trump loyalism are abhorrent. Graham is clearly not fit to continue representing the American people in his position as a U.S. Senator, and must resign immediately.

Sign the petition: Sen. Lindsey Graham has been caught red-handed meddling in the election and tampering with our democracy -- he must resign!

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