Sign the petition: Stand for workers’ rights -- support PetSmart employees

PetSmart workers are still short on supplies and equipment needed to provide quality pet care, and their schedules are more erratic than ever while wages are embarrassingly low. It is time to show PetSmart employees that their rights are important and we have their back.

We are calling on BC Partners, the private equity firm that owns PetSmart, to meet with a committee of frontline workers to discuss and resolve their concerns.

In 2015 Wall Street private equity firm BC Partners turned its predatory eye on PetSmart. BC Partners acquired ownership of PetSmart and immediately loaded it with millions in debt. Since the takeover, workers’ wages have been stagnant, their workload has increased, and the resources they need to provide quality pet care have been minimized.

On top of that, while the country was being ravaged by COVID-19, PetSmart employees were deemed “essential workers” and continued to provide the care and attention pets and pet parents deserved under subpar working conditions. Since the onset of the pandemic, PetSmart workers have suffered terrible conditions as their stores lacked basic safety precautions, like adequate masks, gloves, and proper sanitizing supplies.

More than 500 current and former employees signed a petition in the hopes that BC Partners would start addressing the aforementioned issues. However, one year has passed and still NO response from BC Partners and ZERO improvements to working conditions.

We join PetSmart workers in asking BC Partners to address the following:

  • Quality Jobs: $15 minimum wage, fair schedules, paid time off

  • Healthcare for All: Including part-time workers

  • Pet Care Over Profit: Functional equipment, proper supplies, necessary training

  • Job Protections: Severance pay and 90-days notice in the event of layoffs

  • Worker Representation on the Board of Directors: Frontline workers must have a voice in setting company policy

Sign the petition: Workers’ rights will not be ignored! Join PetSmart workers as they fight back against BCP’s unleashed greed.

Participating Organizations:
Daily Kos
The Juggernaut Project
National Employment Law Project
United for Respect