Sign the petition: Stop the sexist, racist attacks on Fani Willis

District Attorney Fani Willis has overseen the sweeping legal case in Georgia against Donald Trump, bringing an indictment against Trump for trying to overturn his 2020 election loss.

Since taking on this high-profile case, Willis has become a target of sexist and racist threats from extremist Trump supporters and racist rants from right-wing propaganda machines.

Sadly, although not surprisingly, the mainstream news media coverage of Willis has also been riddled with sexist and racist attacks and double standards, baselessly questioning Willis' character and qualifications.

Mainstream news outlets echoing and legitimizing sexist stereotypes have no place in our political discourse. These attacks have contributed to the threats against Willis and other women of color involved in Trump's prosecution.

We're sick and tired of it, and are calling on media outlets to end the sexist and racist double standards that remain so widespread in our news media.

Sign the petition to the mainstream media: Shame on you–stop legitimizing stereotypes that have no place in our political discourse!

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