Sign the petition: The Atlantic Coast Pipeline was a disaster. Dominion Head Tom Farrell must resign

Recently, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a fracked gas project that would have crossed the Appalachian Trail, was abandoned when it reached a dead end facing regulations and law suits -- a big win for grassroots environmentalists and environmental justice activists!

Tragically, for six years, this nearly 600-mile pipeline was pushed by controversial Dominion Energy leader Thomas Farrell, who now serves as Executive Chair. Now he must resign.

The pipeline was planned to fragment some of the most intact, forested landscapes and cut through rivers, streams, and wetlands—putting numerous bodies of water at risk of increased sedimentation and harm to sensitive species.

Additionally, this proposed pipeline would have forced people of color to bear the brunt of the risks posed by the nation’s power infrastructure. Black residents who live along the proposed pipeline route already are at higher risk of illness than the general population, and exposure to pollutants associated with the pipeline would make their problems worse.

Behind this project that terrorized communities in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina and threatened our climate was Dominion Energy, one of the most powerful monopolies in America, and its leader, Tom Farrell, who continued to push this project for years despite the potential consequences.

Civil rights leader Rev. William J. Barber II and former Vice President Al Gore actually declared Farrell’s legacy project a “reckless, racist, ripoff” in 2018. Yet, Farrell continued to pursue it.

Farrell has proven himself to be an ill-equipped leader -- a business model built on extraction, environmental injustice, and political corruption will not be tolerated.

Sign the petition: Tom Farrell, Executive Chair of Dominion Energy, must resign.

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