Sign the petition: The USPS is under attack from within. Demand President Biden fire the perpetrators

The US Postal Service has greatly suffered with intentional, direct attacks on one of our greatest institutions at the hands of its head, Trump holdover Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. What's worse, the Postal Board of Governors, who installed DeJoy, has been complicit in these attempts to completely disable and dismantle the USPS.

DeJoy, a Trump crony who didn’t leave on January 20, acted swiftly to undercut the USPS after taking office on June 15, 2020, ordering multiple policies to deliberately slow the mail. These reckless actions in the midst of a pandemic were purposely intended to benefit DeJoy personally, and to implement Trump’s corrupt attempt to destroy the USPS and subvert the presidential election.

DeJoy was selected by Trump to sabotage the post office in order to privatize it and undermine our democracy. DeJoy must be removed immediately.

The Postal Board of Governors is the boss of the Postmaster General. They hire and fire the postmaster, review all practices of the post office, and oversee policies for the postal service. The current board has not only installed someone with an agenda to destroy the agency they are supposed to lead, but has also been complicit to all of the harmful policies enacted. They, too, must be fired immediately.

President Biden plans to nominate three new board members--a former U.S. Postal Service executive, a leading voting-rights advocate and a former postal union leader to the mail service’s governing board.

A new Board of Governors can set a new direction for the post office. This starts with President Biden's appointments to fill the Board’s three vacancies. But we also must join Congressman Bill Pascrell’s call on President Biden to fire the board members who installed and supported DeJoy for dereliction of duty.

Sign the petition: Save the USPS by firing the Postal Board of Governors and Postmaster General DeJoy.

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