Sign the petition to Congress: Big Oil profited by gouging our pockets – they must be penalized for taking advantage!

Big Oil companies used the war in Ukraine and inflation as pretext to raise gasoline prices and gouge customers. Big Oil raked in billions in record profits while everyday Americans struggled to gas up their vehicles.

President Biden has spoken out against Big Oil’s price gouging – even calling for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate “potentially illegal conduct”. Meanwhile, consumers were left with the tight grip of soaring gas prices as Big Oil’s price gouging went unchecked by the federal government.

Congress must step in and hold Big Oil accountable.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling for a penalty to the excessive price increases that hurt Californians. This should be expanded nationally – and the U.S. Congress must step in to do just that and protect Americans from future price gouging.

It’s bad enough that oil companies continue to contribute to escalating global warming while using their profits to buy our elected leaders and block climate action. They cannot take advantage of consumers at these unchecked and alarming rates – Congress must penalize them and put that money back towards an equitable transition to a renewable energy economy.

Sign the petition: Congress must penalize Big Oil for price gouging and reinvest that money into an equitable transition to a renewable energy economy.

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