Sign the petition to Congress: Get foreign money out of U.S. elections!

Foreign entities are exploiting loopholes in our campaign finance laws to influence our elections. From Russia spending over $300 million to influence foreign elections to U.S. corporations with significant foreign ownership pouring unlimited cash into American elections, the integrity of our democratic process is at stake.

This is not just a theoretical concern. Foreign entities are covertly funneling money through companies and think tanks in attempts to sway our elections. It's happening right now. Foreign powers want to shape U.S. policies and decisions that affect their interests.

Why can they do this? Current laws do not adequately prevent foreign political spending via U.S.-registered foreign subsidiaries or foreign-owned corporations. We need laws that ensure transparency and accountability in our electoral process.

The voice of the American people should be paramount. Our democracy should be decided by American voters, not foreign entities or multinational corporations. Foreign spending in our elections undermines the people’s voice and threatens our democratic values.

It's time to take action. Join us in calling for an end to foreign-influenced corporate spending in U.S. elections. We demand the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to adopt regulations that identify foreign-owned companies spending corporate funds to influence elections. We also call for the closure of the Citizens United loophole that allows for-profit U.S. corporations appreciably owned by foreign investors to pour unlimited cash into American elections.

Sign the petition to Congress: Get foreign money out of U.S. elections!

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