Sign the petition to Congress: Hold corporations accountable for price gouging

Corporate America would like you to believe that gas prices and other external obstacles continue to drive inflation. A major driving force is corporate greed. Companies are using inflation as a pretext to jack up consumer prices while raking in record-high profits.

Corporate price gouging is a significant problem affecting Americans everywhere. Corporate profits have reached an all-time high of $2 trillion thanks to price hikes made possible due to dwindling industry competition. Skyrocketing food prices at grocery stores and restaurants have taken a massive toll on working families' pockets. Food giants such as ConAgra, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Chipotle Foods, and many others are shamelessly hiking prices up to 15% from last year--all while banking huge profits.

Congress must crack down on unchecked corporate greed. Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the Ending Corporate Greed Act, which specifically aims to end corporate price gouging. Similarly, Rep. Katie Porter introduced legislation that would "strengthen accountability for big corporations that engage in coordinated price hikes" by closing loopholes companies exploit to avoid antitrust liability.

Congress must pass these bills to rein in price gouging and relieve the current financial pressure consumers face.

Sign the petition: Congress must pass legislation that takes action against corporate greed and price gouging.

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