Sign the petition to Dollar General: End low pay and unsafe working conditions!

Dollar General (DG) is one of the worst retail employers in the country - and now workers are fighting back against the corporate giant.

Dollar General staff are joining the organizing wave hitting major U.S. companies. Workers have come forward describing their horrendous working conditions: moldy workplaces, lack of proper air conditioning and heating, unsafe conditions, and more. Stores are often in violation of basic fire codes, purposely understaffed, and frequently located in underserved communities with limited job or food options.

OSHA regional administrator Kurt Petermeyer said the company has a “long and extensive history of workplace safety violations” and “blatant and continued disregard for the safety of their employees.”

Additionally, pay for Dollar General workers is abysmal. A report from the Economic Policy Institute reveals that 92% of Dollar General employees make less than $15 an hour, and 22% make less than $10 an hour. But DG CEO received a lucrative 37% pay bump, earning $1.7 million and making 986 times more than the median wage of one of the company’s retail employees.

As Dollar General workers across the country fight for just labor practices, the corporation continues to take an aggressive, antagonistic approach to unionizing efforts. They’ve done everything from intimidating and firing staff to bringing criminal charges against staff that voted to unionize, to closing down entire stores when the union vote doesn’t go in their favor.

As UFCW Local 655 writes, “They are a massively profitable company whose business model preys on the vulnerable — relying on economically strapped customers who have no other options and employees terrified of losing jobs at the drop of a hat. Those that step out of line are terminated without hesitation. If Dollar General workers can act together at a large scale for a union effort then perhaps this will change. Until then, Dollar General will remain one of the most vicious, cruel, exploitative, and disgusting employers in America.”

Sign the petition to Dollar General: End low pay and unsafe working conditions!

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