SIGN THE PETITION TO MERRICK GARLAND: Prosecute TRUMP and his criminal network of coup conspirators.

The violence on Jan 6 followed a months-long conspiracy by Trump and a criminal network to overturn the 2020 election and block the peaceful transfer of power. Jamie Raskin and the bipartisan January 6 investigation has the evidence and is showing it on live TV.

This was an attack on our vote, our voice, and our democracy -- and the threat to our democracy is ongoing.

Only Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice can prosecute and hold accountable those who broke the law. Failure to do so will allow future attacks to succeed -- and the threat to our democracy will only grow.

SIGN THE PETITION TO ATTORNEY GENERAL MERRICK GARLAND: “Trump and his criminal network of coup conspirators must be prosecuted for lawbreaking. Nobody is above the law, including ex-presidents."

We will deliver signatures to Merrick Garland’s office and share the support for this petition with the media and key allies in Congress.