Sign the petition to state legislators: Blue states must codify the right to abortion

For the first time in modern history, a draft opinion was leaked from the Supreme Court. Politico reported on May 2 on a leaked draft opinion from Justice Alito that was written in February which shows that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

If these landmark cases are overturned, abortion laws will be left up to the states. Black communities and communities of color would be most impacted as loss of access to reproductive health care exacerbates existing health care inequalities. As it currently stands, 23 states have laws that legally restrict abortion. Some of these laws prevent state residents from getting an abortion in other states, prohibit abortion even for medical reasons, or enacts penalties on any person who “abets” an abortion.

One excellent example and a potential model for other blue states is a bill passed in the Connecticut state House. HB 5414 ensures access to abortion in Connecticut and provides protections to anyone coming from out of state to Connecticut seeking an abortion. The bill will allow these individuals to countersue in Connecticut court to collect damages and attorney fees.

In the face of egregious attacks on abortion rights, Democrats in state legislatures must proactively pass legislation that restricts Republican plans to extend their harmful bans into states where abortion rights are protected.

As Daily Kos Staff Writer Laura Clawson explains, “It’s brilliant, and every state in which Democrats have both the governor and the state legislature, or in which a Democratic state legislature can override a Republican governor’s veto, should make it law.”

Blue states must not only codify the right to abortion but enact legislation that assures equitable access to services for all. States that have already codified the right to abortion must take these protections a step further, ensuring the ability of clinicians can provide care and preserving the right to an abortion for those coming from out of state. Legislatures in blue states must prioritize: protecting rights through codification, eliminating existing barriers to in-state care, protecting patients and providers by insulating them from hostile antiabortion state legislatures, and expanding equitable access to care by making needed investments to the abortion infrastructure, including expanding scope of practice, training clinicians, allocating money to support patient financial and logical navigation, and increasing security.

It’s time to go on the offensive to protect abortion rights, and this is how we start.

Sign the petition to state legislators: Blue states must codify the right to abortion

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