Sign the petition to tax excessive corporate profits

photo of $100 bills

ExxonMobil just announced that it had $56 billion in profits in 2022 alone. That comes out to $6.3 million per hour, or more than $100,000 per minute.

Exxon’s news follows announcements that Pfizer raked in $31.4 billion in profit and Chevron ended 2022 with more than $36 billion in profit.

At a time when millions of Americans are struggling to get by and put food on the table, it’s obscene for big corporations to be price gouging consumers in order to maximize profit.

Tell Congress: Pass a windfall profits tax to rein in excessive corporate profits.

In remarks at the White House last year, Pres. Biden called on oil companies to "act beyond their narrow self-interest." If they don’t, he warned, "they’re going to pay a higher tax on their excess profits and face higher restrictions."

"It’s time for these companies to stop war profiteering, meet their responsibilities in this country and give the American people a break," Pres. Biden continued.

Now, as more and more evidence comes in showing that companies like Exxon, Chevron and Pfizer are greedily taking advantage of consumers, it’s time for Democrats to move forward with a windfall profits tax on big corporations.