Sign the petition to the Commerce Department: Stop stifling solar power

On February 8, one small Silicon Valley solar manufacturer, Auxin Solar, initiated a petition alleging that Chinese solar manufacturers were circumventing United States tariffs by running Chinese-made solar panel parts through other Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Now, the Commerce Department has launched an investigation – that investigation is destabilizing the US solar industry but it won’t wrap up until January 2023

The last thing the U.S. needs is any more delays as it transitions away from fossil fuels. Already, the probe has forced a utility in Indiana to keep two of its coal-fired plants online two years longer to account for delays in its solar rollout. And it’s not alone – fully 83 percent of US-based solar installers are reporting canceled or delayed supplies of solar panels. That means Americans are losing their clean energy jobs.

More than 80 lawmakers signed a letter indicating their frustrations with an investigation they believe is harming U.S. solar expansion. And members of the Biden Administration, including Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and climate hawk John Kerry, are exasperated, alarmed, and deeply concerned.

The only thing that can fix this mess: political pressure. And that’s where you come in. Sign the petition and demand the Commerce Department: Wrap up this inquiry as quickly as possible and without further delay.

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