Sign the petition to the DOJ: Investigate state voter purges!

The integrity of our democracy is under threat. Across the nation, states have been purging millions of eligible voters from their rolls—egged on by right-wing grassroots efforts.

The U.S. Department of Justice must launch a thorough investigation into these voter purges to protect the fundamental right to vote.

A surge in right-wing grassroots efforts to purge voter rolls is spreading across the country, often targeting minority and younger voters, who are more likely to vote Democrat. In Georgia alone, over 80,000 challenges have been filed against voters, primarily by conservative activists.

States removed more than 19 million people from voter rolls between the 2020 and 2022 electoral cycles. Often, these removals are based on flawed practices like 'inactivity' or inaccurate identification of felony or citizenship status.

Ohio's Republican secretary of state canceled over 26,000 voter registrations just before a critical referendum deadline in a move that lacked transparency and deviated from established practices.

Faulty voter purges often result in the erroneous removal of eligible voters and contribute to voter suppression.

The Department of Justice must intervene to ensure the protection of voting rights. These purges disenfranchise eligible voters and undermine public confidence in our electoral system.

Sign the petition to the DOJ: Investigate state voter purges!

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