Sign the petition to the ShotSpotter CEO: Stop surveilling our communities!

ShotSpotter sells faulty gunshot recognition technology that cannot discern the difference between a gunshot and other loud noises, like the sounds from a construction site. These inaccuracies produce false gunshot notifications that increase policing in already overpoliced neighborhoods and lead to false arrests and deadly police shootings, primarily of Black and brown people. In 2021, Adam Toledo’s death was instigated by a ShotSpotter alert that deployed the Chicago Police officer that shot him.

The technology has also been used to fuel racist, unconstitutional “stop and frisk” practices by police in major cities like Chicago. These are not isolated incidents. Researchers have found that police use ShotSpotter alerts to justify questioning, searching, and sometimes detaining thousands of people, violating their civil rights and feeding them into a criminal legal system riddled with abuse, racism, and violence.

In addition to profiting from the racial profiling and criminalization of Black and brown people, ShotSpotter devices installed in communities around the country allow the company to record everything people say and track wherever they go.

Without any oversight or regulation, ShotSpotter can use this data any way they please—including selling it to third parties and developing biometric surveillance devices. The abuse stemming from the collection, use, and sharing of this data further harms individuals and communities already being negatively impacted by ShotSpotter’s brand of racist, sometimes violent policing.

ShotSpotter doesn’t keep people safe, it puts lives in danger. Stop surveilling Black and brown communities before any more lives are destroyed or even worse—lost.

Sign the petition: Demand the ShotSpotter CEO stop using faulty technology to surveil Black and brown communities and subject them to further police violence.

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