Sign the petition to U.S companies: Stop advertising on Fox News

Misinformation is hard to avoid online, but we must hold the news to a higher standard of truth than internet pundits and armchair epidemiologists. The first amendment gives us the right to free speech, but it doesn't give us the right to call opinion news. There must be consequences for knowingly spreading lies and marketing them as "news."

New organizations are responsible for ensuring their information is factually correct. However, Fox News’ unabashedly propagandized pundits have no such qualms. From climate change to outrageous claims against coronavirus public health measures. Fox News routinely broadcasts false and misleading information, disguising news as propaganda.

Now, Fox News is spreading so much misinformation about Russia's unjustified, unwarranted invasion of Ukraine that Russian state television broadcasts their clips with Russian subtitles. That's just the beginning.  

An independent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that Fox News viewers were three times more likely to believe COVID-19 misinformation than viewers who get their news from anywhere else. In fact, Fox News viewers are likely to be less informed than those who don't watch any news and show decreased knowledge of science and society.

Fox News' constant repetition of misinformation makes their views more misinformed and likely to act in ways that are dangerous to themselves and worsen the pandemic.

This isn't the merits of one news organization versus another. This is about information that affects what happens to people, whether they get sick and eventually die from disease when they don’t have to, how they disregard a global climate disaster, and how they downplay war crimes at the hands of a Russian invasion. We must hold Fox News responsible and strip away their advertising.

Sign the petition to U.S companies: Stop advertising on Fox News

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