Sign the petition: Urge President Biden and Congress to prioritize clean and healthy buses for our children

For the 25 million children who ride school buses in the U.S., returning to in-person learning means breathing in toxic diesel bus emissions on their way to school.

The Biden-Harris administration has committed to Build Back Better: an effort to rebuild our country to be more equitable and just than it was pre-pandemic. Biden’s latest infrastructure plan includes a provision to switch at least one-fifth of the school bus fleet from diesel to electric. The American Jobs Plan is a historic starting point and we must push for a bold commitment to specific investments in electric school buses for our kids as we rebuild.

A federal investment of $25 billion over 10 years would jump-start the electrification of nearly half the nation’s school bus fleet, and clean up the air that 25 million school children breathe each day. Investing in clean air for our children is an important first step to fulfill the Administration’s promise to build a better future.

In order to reach the communities where electric school buses are most needed, the electrification of school buses must prioritize low-income communities of color who bear the highest burden of pollution and poor air quality.

As momentum and support builds for the clean bus movement in communities in Arizona, Maryland, California, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia, now is the time for Congress and the White House to further invest in the clean bus transition.

Join our movement for a #CleanRide4Kids. Tell the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress to prioritize electric school bus funding.

Sign the petition: Urge Biden and Congress to switch to electric school buses for the health and safety of our children and our communities.

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Environmental Law & Policy Center
Daily Kos
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