Sign the pledge: Demand Universal Rent Control in New York State


From Buffalo to Brooklyn, New York tenants are facing the biggest housing crisis in our state's history. For far too long, corporate landlords have been able to write the rules. Most tenants have no basic protections from their greed -- and as a result, evictions are skyrocketing. With homelessness projected to reach 100,000 by 2020, we cannot afford not to act.

New York has a system of rent laws that are meant to protect tenants. But after decades of real estate's influence in Albany, they barely work as they are intended. Furthermore, over 5.5 million people don't have any protections at all. Even worse ---> these broken protections are expiring on June 15, 2019. Millions of New York's renters could be left in the dark, with no laws to protect them from eviction and rent hikes -- and at the mercy of profit driven landlords.

It’s time for Universal Rent Control

All tenants deserve to live without the fear of having their homes and communities swept away at a landlords’ whim. Every single New Yorker deserves a safe and stable home.

Our legislative platform for Universal Rent Control is the most progressive affordable housing program in the country. It would not only renew our existing laws, it would strengthen them by closing loopholes that lead to tenant harassment, rent hikes, and evictions. Even more, it would expand renters' rights to cover the families in upstate New York, in small buildings, and in manufactured home communities who currently have no rights at all.

Overall, it will protect over nine million New Yorkers from evictions and skyrocketing rents. But in order to win, we need all of us:

By signing this pledge, I agree to join the #TenantPower movement across the state, attend actions, sign petitions, call my legislators, or simply share our cause on social media.

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