JOIN THE TENANT POWER MOVEMENT: Sign the pledge to fight for Universal Rent Control

From Buffalo to Brooklyn, New York tenants are facing the biggest housing crisis in our state's history. Corporate landlords have been able to write the rules in Albany for far too long. As a result, rent (and evictions!) are skyrocketing. Nearly 100,000 people are homeless.

It’s time for Universal Rent Control.

Everyone has the right to  live without the fear of rent hikes or evictions. Our plan to strengthen tenants’ rights in 2019 would protect 9 million people from losing their homes by:

  • Ending  tenant harassment caused by the vacancy bonus and individual apartment increases

  • Eliminating  rent hikes caused by major capital improvements and preferential rents

  • Expand renters’ rights to people outside of NYC, people who live in manufactured homes, and people who live in buildings with less than 6 apartments

By signing this pledge, I commit to join fight for #TenantPower across New York State by talking to my neighbors, joining actions, calling my state legislators, or spreading the word on social media.