Sign to demand Democrats in Congress and the White House affirm immigrants’ rights

Our immigration system is so broken that many people are waiting 10 to 20 years to get interviews scheduled in order to unite with their family members.

President Biden and other Democrats also made campaign promises to reduce deportations, reunite families, protect people fleeing danger, and support the millions of undocumented people who are already living and working in our communities.

But since Trump left office, deportations have increased, and many Trump-era immigration policies have continued or expanded.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle recently voted for racist, fear-mongering bills that continue a failed and inhumane “prisons first, humanity later” approach.

In last week’s State of the Union address, Biden used a slur to reference undocumented immigrants and again pushed for the Senate to pass a bill with far-right U.S. border policies to end asylum protections, speed up mass deportations, and lock up more refugees.

That bill would spend unprecedented billions of taxpayer dollars to expand notoriously inhumane detention centers (including for-profit prisons that work with ICE) and to profile immigrant families with 24-hour “suspicionless surveillance” technology.

Kids are still in cages, and ICE still runs hundreds of abusive jails across the country as part of the world’s largest immigration detention system. Progressives and activists have talked about the need to defund ICE, not send them more money to violate more people’s rights.

As Michigan United explains: “We need citizenship and family reunification, not detention and deportations.”

Instead of pandering to far-right racists on immigration and dehumanizing our immigrant neighbors, Democrats in the White House and Congress should follow through on their campaign promises to push for a more just and humane immigration process, including creating and expanding pathways to citizenship.

Please sign to tell Congress and the White House: We need citizenship and family reunification, not detention and deportations.