Sign to oppose abortion bans in Texas

There is a bill going through the Texas state legislature right now that could halt abortion care in the state.

HB1515 would ban abortion outright after 6 weeks and allow anti-abortion activists to endlessly sue abortion providers and those helping Texans get abortions. To be clear: this bill would allow ANYONE to sue Texans for providing abortion care or helping someone access abortion--meaning well-funded anti-abortion groups could bankroll endless nuisance lawsuits that would force providers across the state to close their doors.

It’s not just abortion providers who would be affected: These anti-abortion groups could sue the abortion funds that can help make care more affordable, the reception staff at clinics, or even someone who drives a patient to their appointment.

Make no mistake: abortion care is already pushed out of reach for so many Texans. Black Texans and other Texans of color face multiple barriers when accessing abortion care. This bill would push care even further out of reach.

The bill will be voted on in the Texas House soon. If it passes, we need to fight it in the state Senate, and prevent it from being copycatted in state legislatures around the country.

Add your name to fight HB1515 all the way to the Governor’s desk.