Sign to support Native American Voting Rights

Native American voters on United States Indian reservations have been systematically disenfranchised from the election process.

Though Native American voting rights advocates have made some progress, “white-only voting” extremists continue to work overtime to make sure the Native American voice is extinguished.

Non-traditional addresses for many reservation residents create registration problems. Additionally, even when registered, high unemployment, extremely distant polling locations (sometimes hundreds of miles), newly minted voter ID laws, and limited resources create acute disadvantages to Native American voting.

These burdens work in tandem with historical, social, and political conditions to produce a discriminatory result for Native Americans.

Sign the petition to tell county and state election officials: Native Americans deserve equal access to voting.

Four Directions, a leader for Native American voting rights and engagement, is at the forefront of this fight, launching grassroots campaigns targeting seven states ahead of the 2020 elections.

We must support grassroots efforts like these with a collective voice. We demand our elected representatives ensure equal access for every American to vote!

Our Message to County & State Election Officials:

There’s simply no more essential duty of a democratic government than to provide open and fair elections accessible to ALL eligible voters, including First Americans. It is the right of the American Indigenous people to have equal access to the election process. We believe establishing satellite locations for in-person voter registration and in-person early voting locations must happen for the Native American votes to be cast and counted.

Participating Organizations:
Advancement Project
Common Cause
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Four Directions
Let America Vote
Native American Rights Fund
Native Organizers Alliance
People Demanding Action
People for the American Way
Progress America
Seeding Sovereignty
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