Sign to support Rep. Cori Bush’s Reparations Now Resolution

In the U.S., Black people continue to bear the harms of slavery and its vestiges.

We see this in present-day health disparities, the growing Black-white wealth gap, escalating police violence against Black communities, and so much more. Anti-Black racism is built into our country’s institutions, including our criminal legal system, housing, education, and healthcare.

To start to heal generations of trauma, we need reparations for Black people in America.

So, Rep. Cori Bush introduced the Reparations Now Resolution, which recognizes the federal government’s responsibility to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans, as well as for the harm our government continues to inflict on millions of Black people.

If you agree that we need reparations now, please sign on today to become a grassroots co-sponsor of Rep. Cori Bush’s Reparations Now Resolution.