Sign up for Climate Justice

People of colour are facing the effects of climate change in this country - especially with days of extreme heat and poor air quality from bushfire smoke. The climate crisis is affecting us all and communities of colour are feeling the devastating impacts. Democracy in Colour, in partnership with the Yarra City Council and the City of Merri-bek, are launching a climate justice campaign so that we can take action on climate change together.

We want to hear your stories. Are you a person of colour that lives in the Yarra or Merri-bek areas? Are you concerned about the climate and extreme weather?

You don’t need any special skills, just passion for justice and equity.

How to get involved:

Sign up on this form to attend or host a 'Listening Session'. A listening session is a meeting where we come together to just hear from each other how we're thinking and feeling about climate change, and what we would like to do in our communities.

If you want to come along, put your details in to get an invitation to share our experiences, meet new people and find the common challenges that arise from all our stories.

If you're interested in hosting a session in your neighbourhood, Church, flats or school,  let us know in the notes and we'll be in touch!

Let's come together to find solutions to climate change, protect our communities and create a more just and equal world in the process.

Sign up now - we will be in touch soon about the details and next steps!

Supported by Yarra City Council and Merri-bek City Council.

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