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Who are we?

The World BEYOND War Youth Network (WBWYN) is a community for young people, led by young people. The WBWYN supports World BEYOND War (WBW)’s mission to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace by focusing on strengthening the role and impact of youth in war abolition and peace issues.

We work to amplify the voices of youth, and empower each other with the skills necessary to take action towards advocating for a process that ends war itself and replaces it with a peace system.

Our Aims

  • Equipping young peacebuilders: The network creates space for young people and other change-makers to build their capacity around war abolition and peacebuilding work, through training, workshops, and mentoring activities.

  • Empowering young people to take action: The network provides ongoing support to young people to carry out their own projects in three major areas: demilitarising security, managing conflict without violence, and creating a culture of peace.

  • Growing the movement: The network connects and supports a new generation of war abolishers by bringing youth and adults together to work on issues