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Nurses United: Nurses of Colour network

The Nurses of Colour (NOC) network is a group within Nurses United of nurses who identify as a Person of Colour or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME). We meet every month on the 15th, at 6pm if it is a weekday and 12pm if it is on a weekend!

The NOC network is there to discuss what our issues are and what we're going to do about it. Our current work is around discussing the impacts racism has upon us which is why we're working to build a tool to report racism in our workplaces and an anti-racist charter to campaign to improve things on the ground.

Nurses United has experienced massive growth in its mailing list, so we also want you to complete the form below if you consider yourself to be a Person of Colour/BAME so that we can send you information specific to you about our work and campaigns.

If you're not a Nurse of Colour please tell everyone you know about our work and what we're doing!

Together we will are going to build a better NHS,

The Nurses of Colour network

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