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Our federal courts, including the lower courts, are more important now than ever. The judiciary is a critical line of defense in protecting our rights, and checking the Trump administration's dangerous policies and outrageous abuses of power. These courts have an enormous impact on our everyday lives, deciding significant issues such as whether we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, who can marry, whether people can be discriminated against on the job, and whether people can make their own reproductive choices. Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court and lower courts could undermine our rights and enable this administration’s radical agenda. This is the moment to ramp up our activism and work to ensure that the federal judiciary is protected from a Trump takeover.

With more than 115 current federal judicial vacancies, it’s time to stand up for our judicial branch. We need to hold senators accountable for their recent actions on the Gorsuch confirmation, and make sure that they know we will continue to fight for an independent judiciary at all levels.

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Why Courts Matter- PA is a project of the Center for American Progress, led by The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.