Sign Up Form to HELP CREATE South Carolinians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

We are creating South Carolinians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty!

There are two phases to this effort:

  • Phase #1 - Create the shell of SCADP and come out strong through these two scheduled executions
  • Phase #2 - Build a new entity, including a governing structure, staffing, and a long term plan to reduce and repeal the death penalty in South Carolina.
Death Penalty Action is in full support. We have created the basics for organizing through Phase #1, and will be hands-on in support throughout both phases.

We expect that leadership by South Carolinians will step forward to formalize the entity, at which point we will transfer all assets to a new governing structure.

If you are ready to step into leadership at some level, meaning that in the next several weeks you will help or support the creation of a launching event on June 16th and if needed, execution vigil/protests on June 18 and June 25th, and/or that you will help create and participate in an initial leadership and planning structure, please sign up here.  
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