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What is the Ohio Student Association?

The Ohio Student Association (OSA) is a statewide grassroots organization led by young people focused on building independent political power on campuses and in communities throughout Ohio. OSA brings together young Ohioans from different backgrounds and with different experiences to imagine and fight for a better future. We do grassroots organizing, leadership development, political education, training, nonviolent direct action, advocacy for progressive public policy, cultural organizing, and more. Since the formation of OSA in 2012, we have fought for accessible higher education and student debt relief, the protection of voting rights and our democracy, and an end to racist, unaccountable policing and mass incarceration.

Why sign up?

OSA connects students to leadership opportunities and power-building. It is our vision for young people to be better included in conversations around policies and politics. We want to fight for a future where everyone, regardless of where we come from and our differences, is able to achieve their full potential. If you want to learn more about organizing and join ongoing organizing efforts, you are at the right place! Or, maybe you want to meet other students passionate about racial or economic justice. Sign up to be kept in the loop with our emails about upcoming events, calls to action, and our newsletters.