Protect Voter Rights. Be a Hero. Win Elections.

State Democratic Parties have started active voter protection programs. They are aggressively recruiting both in-state and out-of-state volunteers to support the programs.

The voter protection program will:

  • Monitor the count of mail ballots by local election officials (on-site in-state);
  • Work with individual voters to remedy mail ballots that have been preliminarily rejected on technical grounds; and
  • Staff voter hot-lines to answer urgent questions that for thousands of voters will make the difference between a tossed vote and one that counts.

Except for monitoring the count, you can work from home.

If you are considering volunteering for this important role, please be prepared to commit to all of the following: extensive training & sustained volunteer effort, both up to the November election and for some post election activities. This most-critical role requires commitment -- it would become your highest-priority volunteer engagement.

Legal professionals are extra-useful, since many of the issues require legal interpretation, but we welcome all talents who can dedicate quality time to this critical difference-maker.

Please specify the state you are interested in, if you have a preference. One of our program volunteers will reach out to you to discuss best-fit roles for you.

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