Sign your Affinity Group up for COP26

What is an Affinity Group?

Affinity groups (AGs) are small teams of people who come together for a common purpose and who share an ‘affinity’ such as, a shared interest or skill, or taking part in an action. They are small enough to allow everyone to participate. Neighbourhood book groups are affinity groups!

Each AG is autonomous, making decisions for itself about what it does and how it does it, but they can also form networks. A network of AGs who share a common purpose and common values can form a “cellular” organisational structure. Each group acts like a 'cell' in an organism, sharing information and communicating regularly. This can create large non-hierarchical networks which work together to achieve common goals. This structure mimics how living organisms work, and promotes autonomy and adaptability.

What, where, and when is the COP26?

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP26 is the 26th conference held by this body and is due to take place between 1st and 12th of November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Why is COP26 so important?

COP26 is widely seen as a crucial chance for governments around the world to reach agreements about how they will collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change. It’s vital that the people of the world speak with a resounding voice that cannot be ignored. We must also be prepared, if and when the talks fail, to show our governments that we will not be silenced.

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