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Diverse group of approximately forty Sister District volunteers pose together and smile in front of banner that reads "Sister District Project SVT"
Sister District Southern Vermont team together with Sister District Co-founder Rita Bosworth at volunteer event.

Sister District Southern Vermont is focused on advancing progressive power & policy by supporting top priority Democratic State Legislative candidates each election cycle. Our goal is to help Dems hold onto power or take power in states. We help our candidates with fundraising and voter contact (e.g. phonebanking, postcarding). We have a great community, make a real impact, and have fun along the way.

Please join us!

Paid for by Sister District Project, authorized by Friends of Patty Kim (SD 15).


We cannot stop believing that we can and are making a difference -- even with the simple act of enjoying delicious homemade soup! By subscribing to our Sister District Soup Project, you will receive delicious homemade soup every month from June through September.

That's why your Soupscription for the next round of soup is so important!

About our soups: In addition to raising $$ to help us support the national Sister District project, we are also committed to providing you with the most delicious, seasonal, and locally-sourced soup that we can. All soups are vegetarian, gluten- and dairy-free, and delicious! There is no reason that you can't eat well and make a difference, too!

Wow! During the winter of 2023, Southern Vermont Sister District Project reached the milestone of raising a total of $100,000 in political donations!

Since 2016 SV SDP has used creative fundraising activities such as the monthly soup subscriptions, "Soupscription," "Save Our Nation" vacation auctions, and "Blue States USA" croquet events - making a difference while having fun and building community!

From this fundraising milestone, Southern Vermont Sister District Project is now looking energetically ahead to making a difference in the upcoming elections.