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We support fair and transparent payment to artists and rightsholders when their work is used. We also recognize that small webcasters are vitally important to musical culture, whether it’s small community FM stations or online webcasters who program niche music. Commercial FM radio is focused on narrow repetitive playlists due to tremendous consolidation in station ownership. By contrast, webcasting reflects far greater diversity—from cutting edge releases by contemporary artists to America’s rich and varied musical traditions. And unlike commercial FM, internet radio pays musicians and labels.

The relationship between artists and small webcasters is mutually supportive. This dynamic must be preserved.

The expiration of the Webcaster Settlement Act has left many small webcasters facing a steep increase in rates and unsure of their future survival. We’re optimistic that a solution can be found to allow many small commercial webcasters to continue to operate, important music played and artists paid—directly, transparently and fairly.

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