Spread the Sunshine: Sign to Support Immigrants in Florida

Most Floridians agree there’s plenty of sunshine for all. That’s why the passage of SB1718 by Governor DeSantis and Republicans in the state legislature goes against Florida’s welcoming values. We all know the vital role that immigrants play in our communities, yet DeSantis and the Florida legislature are attacking every aspect of our lives through this harmful law. By taking away local government funding for community IDs and forcing hospitals to inquire about patients’ immigration status, DeSantis and the Florida legislature are pushing immigrants into the shadows. These policies not only impact immigrant lives but also affect all Floridians who work with, live with, and depend on immigrants.

You don’t have to live in Florida to experience the consequences of SB1718. This bill sets a precedent, putting immigrants across the country at risk of becoming the target of similar legislation in their own home states.

Everyone should have the right to feel safe in Florida. Together, we have the collective power to create a Florida where immigrant families can live in certainty and without fear. We’re creating Know Your Rights resources that you can use to empower yourself and our communities. Sign up here to be the first to receive those resources and how you can support immigrants in Florida. Anti-immigrant attacks like SB1718 cannot and will not erase the presence and impact of immigrant and undocumented communities in the U.S.

SIGN YOUR NAME and join me in showing DeSantis and Florida conservatives that there’s enough sunshine to go around in Florida and stay up to date to receive our latest Know Your Rights materials and updates on what this new law means for you!

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