The time for climate action is NOW!


We've seen the devastation that worsening superstorms have brought Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico and we cannot wait any longer to act. Our health, our economy, and our communities are at risk. Since the Federal Government won’t do its job, New York can and must lead.

We the undersigned organizations, community members, clergy and New York elected officials call on the Governor and the Legislature to dramatically increase investment in clean renewable energy by holding corporate climate polluters accountable for their pollution, which threatens our health and safety. We’re calling for laws that:

  • Create tens of thousands of good jobs by building the clean infrastructure of the future, for the benefit of every community and every region;

  • Power New York with 100% clean renewable energy by 2050;

  • Significantly scale up investment in wind, solar, and other renewable energy resources - which do not include nuclear or natural gas;

  • Provide rebates and chargers for electric cars and invest in more efficient and reliable public transit;

  • Save families and business owners money by investing in energy efficiency for residential and commercial buildings;

  • Protect communities most vulnerable to climate disasters by investing in local resiliency and sustainability projects;

  • Fund these solutions by instituting a corporate polluter fee to finally make oil and gas companies pay their fair share for their pollution, which threatens our health, our communities, and our climate.

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