Stop Eviction, Defend Communities, Change Housing Court!


Evictions are violent. Evictions threaten the life and safety of Black and brown New Yorkers -- those who have been harmed most by COVID-19 and police violence.

Sign this pledge to stand with us to resist your eviction and your neighbors’ evictions. Fight to cancel rent!

On June 22, Governor Cuomo is planning to re-open New York’s courts for eviction cases. This could bring a massive wave of evictions to Black and Brown communities - the communities hit hardest by COVID-19 where many low-income and unemployed tenants have no money to pay rent for the foreseeable future.

We cannot let these evictions happen. Period. It’s time for a universal eviction moratorium now.

Additionally, Governor Cuomo, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and local governments across the state must:

We’re demanding a true, universal eviction moratorium until the following measures have been taken:

  1. Cancel rent payments for the duration of the 2020 COVID-19 crisis.

  2. Expand Right to Counsel to cover everyone, and make sure that renters facing eviction know about it!

  3. Pass Good Cause Eviction, so all tenants have defenses in court and the right to renew their lease.

  4. Slow down eviction cases. Regardless of when courts reopen, we can expect there to be a barrage of eviction cases. We need to slow down the pace of housing court to ensure that tenants are safe and protected.

  5. Hold landlords accountable, and make housing court a place where tenants fight for safe, dignified housing -- not an eviction mill.

  6. Make necessary health, safety, and accessibility upgrades to eviction courts.

By signing this pledge, I am signing on to support these demands. I am joining my neighbors to fight evictions, and signing on to join the fight to stop all eviction courts across the State from re-opening.

To read more about our demands visit here.