Stop the Bloodshed: End Animal Sacrifice at the Dashain Festival.

The Dashain Festival – aka The Festival of Death – is Nepal’s most celebrated yet outright GRUESOME annual “religious” animal sacrifice festival.

Devotees will publicly slay innocent animals during frenzied massacres to appease blood-thirsty gods and exchange for good fortune and fertility.

Animal Recovery Mission has been investigating and campaigning against this animal cruelty for years. We’ve documented some of the worst treatment of animals on the planet. There have been countless horrifying scenes of goats, sheep, and buffalos transported for days in the blistering heat only to be dragged, beaten, and hacked to death with machetes by frenzied animal killers.

Time is running out! The sacrifice is about to begin on October 22nd, and many thousands of innocent animals will be CLUBBED, DECAPITATED, and SLAYED.  

The atrocities inflicted on animals must end. Make your voice heard: there is no place for animal torture like this.

Demand that Nepal bans animal sacrifice once and for all and replace it with more compassionate offerings.

SIGN/SHARE: we will submit signatures to Nepal’s Minister of Home Affairs and the Ambassador of the Nepal Embassy in Washington, D.C.